Mugabe Murders Democracy–Again!!

Robert Mugabe may be 89 years old, he may have ruled the country of Zimbabwe for over thirty years, but he still retains the old drive for power. He lost the last presidential election to Morgan Tsvangirai, but simply held another version and won that one. Of course, thousands died, thousands of women were raped, but the old man kept power. A new election was held over the weekend, and guess who won this one?? About 99.9% of those in rural area who lean toward Mugabe were registered to vote while only 67.9% of those in urban areas leaning to Morgan Tsvangirai were able to vote. Tsvangirai who leads the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) termed the “election” to be a “huge farce.”

The tragedy of this “election” was failure of African nations to support the principle of democracy. They went along with Mugabe and refused to stand in defense of the people of Zimbabwe. Independent election monitors like the Zimbabwe Election Support Network denounced this travesty of freedom while African monitors went along with the thug and murderer who once again is president. Why not simply hold an “election”that makes him president for life?