Mugabe Not Leaving Until Zimbabwe Totally Destroyed

An electionw as held a week ago but for some reason no results have been issued by the government of Zimbabwe, most probably because President Mugabe lost it. For some reason, the Mugabe government is now claiming there is need for a recount of a vote whose total no one knows because of “revelations of errors and miscalculations.” Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is seeking to get support from the courts to gain power but it is unlikely a Mugabe court will recognize the will of the people of Zimbabwe. According to Zimbabwe law, a recount can only take place within two days after the polling ends, but it is now seven days of silence from the Election Commission. Obviously, Mugabe needs time to fix vote results in other to retain power.

In the meantime, Mubage thugs are out in force raiding opposition headquarters, blaiming
“western imperialists” or “British colonialism” as being behind efforts to get rid of the leader and marching in the streets to demonstrate their power. A sad note is the comment of President Mbeki of South Africa who says the situation is “manageable” and will not throw his nation’s support behind the people of Zmbabwe. Zimbabwe weps and African nations turn their heads away to excuse the Mugabe dictatorship.

  • maria

    also find in youtube as : Mugabe Chienda – a call from progressive officers