Mugabe Plays Imperialism Card To Remain In Office

President Robert Mugabe came out swinging in a speech on Friday in which he accused his opponents of being financed and directed by British agents who are trying to overthrow his government in order to re-establish British colonial rule. Even as he spoke, his Zanu-PF party members were establishing torture sites where opponents of the Mugabe regime were being beaten and tortured for daring to vote the wrong way in last month’s election. The Human Rights Watch organization said it had intrviewed over 30 people who describe how Zanu-PF members have set up these torture camps that systematically “target, beat and torture people suspected of having voted for the MDC(Movement for Demcoratic Change) in last month’s elections.”

The Election Commission which so far refuses to reveal the accurate vote count from last month’s election is now conducting a recount in parliamentay districts which no doubt will result in a victory for Zanu-PF candidates even though previous figurs indicate they lost control of parliament by a vote of 109 to 97.

It is difficult imaginging a man like President Mugabe who has been president for 28 years resorting once again to this program of torture and abuse of his own people. He is a pathetic meglomaniac ruler who will never give up any power.