Mugabe Plays Waiting Game

President Robert Mugabe has maintained power over his nation for nearly three decades and it is increasingly apparent he is in no mood to surrender power to forces of democracy. Morgan Tsvangirai, who heads the Movement for Democratic Change, wants equality in securing power in the Cabinet in order to jump start the economy which has reached state of utter chaos. Mugabe fears if allowing Tsvangirai access to key Cabinet positions will result in having his cronies lose power, and, most probably continued access to financial gain. Mugabe in a recent speech offered to teach Tsvangirai how to govern and act as a leader.

Zimbabwe has an inflation rate of over eleven million percent, half the population is on the verge of starvation and Mugabe insists he has something to teach the opposition about how to govern a nation. The only lesson he has to teach is the process of destroying a nation’s economy and ending democracy. His leadership has completely failed in any aspect of government.