Mugabe Police Beat Opponents

President Mugabe has refused to carry through on a power-sharing agreement he made with Morgan Tsvangirai, that former President Mbeki of South Africa helped negotiate. The agreement called for Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to be given several key posts in the Cabinet, including control of the police. The MDC feared if police remained under the control of Mugabe they would continue beating and killing opponents of the president. Demonstrators rallied in the city of Bulawayo to urge adoption of the power sharing agreement because the nation was on the verge of collapse. The people who expressed this view were savagely beaten by police. A women’s group which sponsored the rally wanted to present a petition that merely said: ‘how many more Zimbabweans must die before you act?”

Mugabe is under pressure from his allies and fellow thugs who fear having an honest person assume control of the police or army because evidence of corruption and brutality would soon surface. They fear giving up any power to the MDC. If there is no compromise the entire country will undoubtedly collapse by early next year.