Mugabe- Press Freedom, Nonsense!

Morgan Tsvangirai, prime minister in the coalition government with President Robert Mugabe, is seeking over $2 billion in aid from nations in order to restore some semblance of order and stability to the nation which has been devastated by the ruinous policies of Mugabe. Several potential donor nations have demanded the re-establishment of a free media as the price for aid, but to Mugabe such talk is “nonsense” and he will not agree to restoration of a truly democratic nation since he would rather people starve than open his society to open criticism of his policies. The World Health Organization now estimates at least 3,894 are dead of cholera and about 84,027 have been infected by the disease.

Robert Mugabe must go if there is ever to be restoration of a viable economy. He has placed his cronies and fellow thugs in key positions in government and rewarded them with farms and wealth they will not readily surrender even if it would result in restoration of a viable economy. For Mugabe, his needs always take precedence over those of the people of Zimbabwe.