Mugabe Rallies Party For New Violence

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was re-elected as head of his ZANU-PF party and promised that from now on there will no longer be any losing of elections. For some reason, he tried to have an honest election last year, and, not surprisingly, he lost because most people in his country know Mugabe is incompetent and a crook. He was forced to form a coalition government in order to restore the semblance of effective government to his nation and due to the hard work of Prime Minister Tsvangirai, the economy is finally displaying signs of functioning. Given that under Mugabe, unemployment rose to 75% of th population and inflation passed the 2,000,000% level, what can one expect when Mugabe ends the coalition?

“The inclusive government,” he told delegates, “has a short life of 24 months. So we must be ready for the elections and we must not be defeated like we were last year.” But, Bobby, you denied last year that you had lost! Oh well, he really means get your guns and sticks ready for next year’s election.