Mugabe Rearranges Zimbabwe Law

The nation of Zimbabwe continues to suffer from a president who makes up laws as he goes along his merry way to maintain power are any cost to the people of his country. First, presidential election results were delayed several weeks in order to provide opportunities for his cronies to arrange the vote so that opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai would not obtain the necessary 50% margn for victory. The law states a run-off must come within 21 days after the results are in, but Mugabe has interpreted the 21 days to really mean 90 days and has pushed off the run-off until the end of July. According to a Movement for Democracy spokesperson, “this is a rigging taking place and it’s blatantly unlawful.”

Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party has used the past few weeks to unleash a campaign of terror and violence against members of the opposition and Mugabe is providing them an additional few weeks to further this effort to break the will of the oppositioin. Much of the violence is in rural areas which traditionaly supported Mugabe but turned against him in March. The people are being “persuaded” by beatings to remember how to vote in July. The UN has warned the violence is reaching levels that indicate Zimbabwe is reaching a crisis.