Mugabe Refuses To Budge On Power Sharing!

About one-third of the people of Zimbabwe face starvation due to the disastrous policies of President Mugabe, but the tyrannical ruler will not budge from his position that “power-sharing” with the opposition, Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), means he retains all power and they agree to share in support for the incompetent boob who is president of a nation. The MDC said agreeing with Mugabe would be equivalent to being passengers on a train headed for a disastrous crash and not being able to avert the tragedy. However, from the Mugabe perspective, the MDC is holding him “hostage” and hurting the people of Zimbabwe.

Thirty years ago when Mugabe took office the nation of Zimbabwe was regarded as among the most prosperous in Africa, but his policies of turning over the economy to his fellow thugs and henchmen has resulted in economic disaster. The MDC is correct, they cannot simply give support to a man who has failed in the past and will fail in the present. They must hold out because any other alternative will never help the people of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, they already are passengers on a doomed train.