Mugabe Refuses To Deal With Reality!

President Robert Mugabe has been in power for decades and regards himself as his nation’s savior for leading the fight to end colonialism so it is unimaginable for this creature of ego to imagine a situation in which his power only extends to the capacity of creating problems, not solutions. After agreeing to a power sharing arrangement with opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the president proceeds as though he has all power and the world will accept his decisions. The Mugabe regime jailed 17 opposition leaders on charges of treason even though no one outside his tight circle of lackies believes there is any validity to the charge. A Zimbabwe court approved bail for the human rights activists, but Mugabe made clear the trial against them will proceed.

No outside nation will provide money to the government of Zimbabwe as long as these civil rights violations occur. Mugabe can have his trials, but there will be no money for a nation which has a 90% unemployment rate. The Mugabe thug group apparently are attempting to see how far they can push this madness. They inhabit a world in which they live in fantasy of long past heroics.