Mugabe Relents And Will Talk With UN

President Robert Mugabe presides over a nation that has completely collapsed with an unemployment rate of 90% and an inflation rate that is over 200,000,000$%. His political opponent Mogan Tsvangirai agreed to join the coalition government even though he understands that Mugabe is not going to share power and only wants him around to serve as a convenient scapegoat. However, Mugabe finally did allow a United Nations team to visit his nation and make a report about how humanitarian aid can be gotten into the country without having Mugabe henchmen siphon off large amounts for their own purposes.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon emphasized to Mugabe he could not continue receiving aid with one hand and imprisoning opponents with the other because such behavior will eventually lead to a cut off in assistance. The reality is as of this point, there is scant evidence Mugabe is willing to surrender any power to his opponents. As far as the Mugabe clique are concerned, the word “humanitarian” refers to themselves not to the people of Zimbabwe.