Mugabe Reveals His True Face–No Compromise

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has essentially concluded his negotiations with the Movement for Democratic Change(MD) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangrai, won the election for president in March. The ruler of Zimbabwe met with decision makers of his party, Zanu-Pf, who urged him not to make concessions but to continue ruling with all power in his hands. Military leaders emphasized they had opposed any discussions about reconciliation because they did not wish to surrender any of their powers. They reportedly urged him to dissolve Parliament in which the MDC holds the majority and have another election which they assured the president they would guarantee any results he desired.

Military leaders have amassed huge fortunes thanks to Mugabe’s need of their support. They fear giving Tsvangirai any power would most probably lead to investigations and possible criminal action against them. Inflation has reached three million percent and 80% of the nation lives in power but the men in charge of Zimbabwe have only one concern– their power and interests which must be protected. Cry for the beloved nation of Zimbabwe.