Mugabe Rides In Triumph To African Union Meeting

President Robert Mugabe is flying to Egypt to participate in a meeting of the African Union, flush with his triumph in the one man election that he desired. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, who had won the initial voting in March with 48% of the vote, was forced to drop out after 90 of his supporters were killed and thousands beaten and tortured. To the shame of South Africa, its president, Thabo Mbeki, did all in his power to allow the travesty of an election to take place in Zimbabwe. It was not until a few days ago that he finally urged a coalition government– after the election, that is. Just about every group monitoring this “election” condemned it as a farce filled with violence and brutality.

African Union leaders are now suggesting to Mugabe that he negotiate with Tsvangirai, but, after he has won the election, Mugabe knows any negotiation will be with him sitting in the seat of power. It would have been different if African leaders had demanded the election cease and a coalition government be formed. But, as always, African leaders are quick to condemn the West or outside forces, but fail to respect the needs of their own citizens for human rights and the power to elect their own leaders.