Mugabe Shouts Invasion While He Assaults Zimbabweans

The Zimbabwe government is telling the world that former colonial powers like Great Britain are preparing to invade the country while Kenya and Botswana demand other African nations join in an effort to overthrow President Mugabe’s failed government which has plunged the nation into complete economic, social and health collapse. Mugabe accused outside forces for being the source of the cholera epidemic which is gathering force and some estimate could lead to over 50,000 deaths. Mugabe spokespeople insist former colonial power, Great Britain is going to use African countries as the spearhead of an invasion. Hospitals lack drugs, materials, food, and staff since people are scrounging everywhere in order to find food to take care of their own families.

It is all well and good for those who hate “colonialism” to blame the current crisis on Great Britain or France or the United States, but it was Mugabe who ruined a nation which once exported food by his foolish program to drive out white farmers. A more sensible policy would have been to work with white farmers on a long range program to have them work with Africans to ensure farms remain productive and at some future time, to sell the land to black Africans. However, Mugabe was more interested in turning over the farms to his cronies and fellow thugs.