Mugabe Shows True Face Of Dictatorship

Robert Mugabe tells his fellow African leaders in nations like South Africa that he represents the true spirit of anti-colonialism and therefore whatever he does to his own people must be better than what they endured under colonial rule. After stealing the last presidential election in a manner that President Ahmadinejad of Iran would appreciate, Mugabe allegedly agreed to a coalition government. At recent meeting called to discuss creating a new constitution, opposition leaders tried to speak when they were verbally, and then physically, assaulted by thugs carrying out the orders of Mugabe. Members of the Movement for Democratic Change attempted to speak when they were shouted down by Mugabe burst into revolutionary songs and then physically attacked the opposition.

Mugabe showed up two hours late in what was most probably a planned attempt to let Movement for Democratic Change leaders know who runs the country. He has refused every attempt to work in a cooperative manner with those who do not accept his unitary leadership view for Zimbabwe. Nothing will change until South Africa and other African nations begin to stand up for the people of Africa rather than for old comrades in the liberation movement.