Mugabe Signs Power Sharing Agreement, Now What?

President Robert Mugabe, under tremendous pressure from African nations and the world, was finally forced to accept a power sharing agreement with opposition leader Morgan Tsvnagirai. The man who has ruled Zimbabwe for a quarter of a century, made certain the accord will protect both himself and his cronies from criminal prosecution. The Cabinet will be divided between the Mugabe thugs who have murdered innocent people, looted the banks, taken land from prosperous farmers for their own inept use and bullied their way to the collapse of a once prosperous nation. His friends will not go to jail, but they will eventually be recognized by the people of Zimbabwe as the group which destroyed their nation due to their greed and dislike of democratic principles.

Under the agreement, Mugabe retains the title of president, but the day-by-day business of government is under the control of Tsvangirai. Mugabe wants to retain control of the military but Tsvangirai is seeking to gain reigns over the police so that force can be reconstituted as a symbol of a new era in which those with power, regard the people of the nation as their masters, not their servants.