Mugabe Stalls, Zimbabwe Suffers!

The situation in Zimbabwe is getting worse by the day as thousands are now dying because of a cholera attack. Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai pleaded for a new mediator to take over from former South African president Mbeki. A basic problem from the initial appointment of Mbeki is his refusal to exert pressure on his deal old friend, Mugabe in order to make him abide by agreements. Tsvangirai has finally thrown up his hands in disgust and demanded the appointment of a new mediator– one who is impartial. “The humanitarian crisis that is now engulfing all Zimbabweans,” said Tsvangirai, “represents the greatest threat ever to face our country. While millions face starvation in the coming months, the deal toll from cholera is now sitting at over 50 people per day.”

Over three million Zimbabweans already have taken refuge in South Africa and now thousands more are headed in that direction. Mbeki has not only failed the people of Zimbabwe but also his own people who must now assume responsibility for caring for thousands of immigrants.