Mugabe Thugs Seek Immunity Before Power Ends

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has dodged and twisted around in order to avoid accepting a sharing of power agreement with the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Mugabe is surrounded by thugs and thieves who have used the government in order to enrich themselves so the prospect of honest government officials frightens them since they might be forced to stand trial. There are reports some of Mugabe’s senior aides have undertaken secret negotiations with South African mediators in order to receive immunity for any past actions. Sources in Zimbabwe say a senior general and a chief of the Central Intelligence Organization have visited South Africa to receive assurances from President Mbeki they would not be prosecuted in case there is a power sharing government arrangement.

It is expected if there were prosecutions if the MDC gained power in government, Mugabe most likely, due to his age, would escape prosecution, but his senior aides would be in a more precarious position. Throughout his reign of terror, Mugabe has relied on senior military and police officials to carry out his illegal activities.