Mugabe Thugs Stifle Zimbabwe Democracy

There are those who interpret any criticism of an African leader as merely the spouting of westerners who refuse to allow the people of Africa to run their own lives. The legacy of colonialism has also enabled thugs and petty dictators to rule without being punished by the western world. Robert Mugabe stole an election a few years ago and his ZANU-Pf political party feels empowered to beat, torture and kill those opposing the thirty year long rule of a man for whom power is the only goal of live.

Supporters of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai attempted to hold a rally, but were assaulted and beaten because their Movement for Democratic Change threatens the rule of a kleptomaniac who rewards followers by stealing land and property of those opposing him– particularly if their skin is white. Tsvangirai has been attempting to clean up the economic mess created by Mugabe, but his efforts have been thwarted by the Leader Forver who will not leave office until he occupies a coffin.

Alas, the people of Zimbabwe will not have peace and democracy until African nations fight for those ideals.