Mugabe Warned To Respect Democracy

The government of Robert Mugabe was warned by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband the world was prepared to help Zimbabwe, but only on condition he respects and abides by the power sharing agreement he signed with Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change. Nations are prepared to help the people of Zimbabwe emerge from the decades of disastrous economic policies of Mugabe, but money will not be handed over to a man whose policies have failed and now has promised to share power. Aid will come, said Miliband, only if “the democratic process is respected, the new government is formed reflecting that process and action on the ground reflects a new approach.

Most countries understand Mugabe and know he will attempt every trick in the book to avoid sharing power with his enemies. During the past few days, Mugabe has been ranting on about “illegal sanctions” and blaming the world for his own mess. He will not willingly change, he must be forced to adhere to agreements.