Mugabe Waves Red Flag Of Colonialism

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, like too many African leaders, when caught in his own corruption and incompetence and brutality, resorts to waving the bloody red flag of colonialism to explain away his own disastrous policies. It was not British or French policemen and soldiers who brutalized Zimbabwean citizens or killed opponents of the regime. It was not British or Belgian soldiers who beat up Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader nor did the West have anything to do with the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy which has led to at least 575 deaths from cholera. The fault, Mr. Mugabe, lies not in the stars or in the past of colonialism, but in your own actions of hate and violence towards your own people. Why won’t you share control over the army and police with the Movement for Democratic Change? The reason is obvious, you fear honest police and an army that will defend the rights of its citizens.

The heads of several African nations such as Kenya have urged action by the African Union to get rid of Mugabe, but the dictator of Zimbabwe would have his nation believe calls for his ouster come only from the West. The nation has collapsed, thousands are fleeing to South Africa where over two million Zimbabweans have already become refugees. It is time to put an end to waving the red flag of colonialism and facing the fact it is Africans who commit atrocities today just as Europeans did so in the past.