Mugabe Will Not Budge -Thanks To Mbeki Support!

This week Zimbabwe faces a time when decisions made or not made will shape the nation’s future. President Mugabe has yet to show any sign that he is willing to enter into a genuine power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) Mugabe intends to open Parliament without having attained a compromise with his opponents. The economy has completely collapsed with an inflation rate of thirteen million percent. It appears President Mbeki of South Africa, a close friend of Mugabe, has sold the Southern African Development Community(SADC) a bill of goods that Tsvangirai is the one holding up an agreement.

Unless there is a genuine power sharing agreement, no outside investors will provide any assistance to the failed nation. Mugabe, frankly, does not give a damn and will appoint hardline political and military supporters to show the world he is tough and will not bend an inch. The ruling clique around Mubabe fears the presence of honest people in the Cabinet who will investigate the thugs around the president who have robbed the nation of millions. Neither do they wish to have an investigation into their murderous attacks on MDC supporters. Mugabe will not blink. The question is whether the world will blink.