Mugabe! Ye Have Tarried Too Long, Begone!

The ongoing saga of March elections in Zimbabwe continue with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission still insisting it is pursuing the onerous task of counting ballots. But, try as he may to alter reality, Robert Mugabe still can not get the vote count to turn out as he desires. The Electoral Commission says it has once again completed counting parliamentary results and they still indicate the Movement for Democratic Change secured a majority, and “once this process hs been completed, the process of verification of the presidential candidates will commence tomorrow.” Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC insists it it time for the”old man(to)go and have an honourable rest.”

Reality is that counting votes has nothing to do with determining who won or lost the election, the only thing that counts, is for Mugabe to leave and allow a new generation of Zimbabweans dedicated to democracy to assume leadership. In a sense, only one vote counts in this election, that of Robert Mugabe.