Mugabe:Sharing Power Is Humiliating!

Zimbabwe President Mugabe told his associates the very concept of having to share power with those who actually won a fair election is a “humiliation.” The basic mistake he made stemmed from “if only we had not blundered in March.” In March, 2008, there was a semblance(not complete but the appearance) of a fair election. In other words, the president still believes if only in March had he intensified the brutalization, harassment, and murder of opponents he never would have been placed in the position by the outside world to share power with individuals who seek to revive the economy and end civil rights abuses. This evil man has yet to recognize his destruction of his own nation because the quest for personal power always dominates his thinking.

In the coming days, there will be meetings which hopefully result in transferring to Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) some actual power in order to begin the process of restoring the economy and ending violence against Mugabe opponents. I guess the last words spoken by Mugabe before he dies will be, “if only I had been true to my nature in March and killed all of those who dared oppose me.”