Mugabism- I Win- You Lose- Prove Me Wrong!

Robert Mugabe lost an election and, most probably, received about 35% of the vote for president but his cronies are now claiming he received 43% and since Tsvangirai only received 48% it is time for round two of the farce known as an election in Zimbabwe. Virtully all observers and all tallies in local polling station claim Tsvangirai obtained at least 60% of the vote but since he never received a 100% it is time for a second round. Mugabe insists his Election Commission is providing honest figures but the world wants to know why it continues to delay giving out the actual figures.

There is little doubt if a second round is held the outcome will result in a victory by Mugabe. Most probably, his figure will be about 51% since the good dicatator doesn’t want to come across as being blatantly dishonest.

Mugabe did not lose an election, the people of Zimbabwe once again were the losers.

  • maria

    As a former resident of Zimbabwe my heart is with you and all the people in Zimbabwe that I love so deeply.
    I also fear that a second round would end up in a made up victory for Mugabe.
    Lets hope it doesn’t happen and this dictator steeps down, and hopefully faces justice.