Mugabism In Action-I Win, You Lose!

An election was held three days ago in Zimbabwe and, for some strange reason, the Election Commission refuses to tell the people of Zimbabwe exactly what happened. Or, to be more accurate, they will not inform Zimbaweans that an overwhelming majority rejected the continued presence of Robert Mugabe. However, in Mugabeland, whenever the people say they want someone other than the beloved leader, the people must be treated as children and the great leader must step in to ensure peace and prosperity. After all, how many nations in the world have a 100,000% inflation rate?

Riot police are out in force on the streets of Harare in order to ensure no one gets the idea of demonstrating to express their opinion about election results. The sound of silence is deafening from Mugabe’s office as he huddles with assistants in order to figure out how to come out the winner in an election in which he only got about 35% of the vote. Mugabism undoubtedly has its own system of mathematics which will transform a vote of 35% into winning margin.

We hope our sarcasm