Mugabism In Practice Ensures Violence

In Mugabeland, the rule of law means each and every individual obeys the dictates of the One and only Ruler, his royal highness, the good Lord of Violence, Robert Mugabe. Tendai Biti might be Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, but he belongs to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change which means, by definition, his fate is destined to be a short one. Mr. Biti received a letter and a bullet delivered at his home, no doubt by one of the loyal thug stooges of Mugabe. The note in Shona said simply, “prepare your will” which was a message informing the Finance Minister that the president of the nation did not either like what he was saying or doing. Mr. Biti responded by saying, “violence is the language of the intellectually defeated. I am undeterred.”

Mr. Biti, for some strange reason, turned the evidence over to the police. That is the equivalent of turning over drugs to a Mexican drug lord for safe keeping. Most probably, the crime of Mr. Biti was to send inflation downward from its height of 2,300,000%. In Mugabeland, the grand wizard is the only one who accomplishes anything.