Mugage Unleashes Dogs Of Brutality On His People!

The drama that has engulfed the people of Zimbabwe over the past few weeks is now drawing to a conclusion as the curtain drops and the players leave the stage. In place of those who represent the people of Zimbabwe will be a gang of thugs and mercenaries who are being paid to intimidate, beat up, and even kill those who oppose their beloved master, Robert Mugabe. President Mugabe has dropped any pretense of fairness and has determined he will remain in office despite having lost the presidential election and witnessed his political party, Zanu-PF get defeated. He has dispatched army officers throughout the nation along with hundreds of thugs who call themselves “war veterans” in a vain attempt to claim they somehow fought for their nation’s independence thirty years ago. The “war veterans” have already driven off the land the last remaining white farmers together with those working on those lands. Local police are being warned to support Mugabe or else they will get fired.

The Zimbabe Election Commission which has refused to release figures that clealy show the Orange Democratic Movement won the presidency and a majority in parliament. Instead process of recounting is going on which will result in a new parliament majority for the Zanu-PF party. At least two members of the ODM have been killed and dozens beaten up by the gangsters that control their nation.

The greatest sadness is failure on the part of African nations to take a stand against Mugabe. President Mbeki of South Africa betrayed the people of Zimbabwe by refusing to speak out against the atrocity which now engulfs their nation. This is merely one more African tragedy.