Muharraf In The Reporter’s Den-Questions And Answers

Pakistan Presdient Musharraf met a hostile group of international reporters who refused to back away from posing tough questions. The first question asked apparently infuriated the president. He was aksed how he could lead the nation when “many people in the country believe you have blood on your hands over Benazir Bhutto’s death.” Musharraf’s face went cold and he responded: “I consider the question below my dignity to answer. However, I would like to answer it.” He went on to point out he was raised by a cultured family tht did not believe in killing people. But, the questions kept on coming:
Would he bow to mounting public opinion and resign?
Was he in fear of his life given the levels of terrorist violence?
What about the charges of vote rigging before the election?

Musharraf defended his actions and made clear he was not afraid of being killed since he knew how to take car of himself. He slipped for a moment when complaining he had warned Bhutto about possible violence and even provided her with an armored car. Reporters pointed out she bought the car. He insisted her death was caused by being blown against the sun roof of the car and agreed there was need for further investigation. That is why he has summoned Scotland Yard. He did blame “inefficiency” at the crime scene of those in charge.

It is interesting that Musharraf’s Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid’s leader, Chuadhry Shujaat Hussain told reporters that it was important for the INter-Services Intelligence(ISI) to monitor actions of opposition political parties. “It keeps a watch on political parties and reports their anti-government and anti-state activities.” Perhaps, someone should inform Musharraf that in a democracy the opposition party is expected to oppose the state.