Mullen To Pakistan–Shape Up Or Ship Out!

AdmiralMike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be in Pakistan in the coming days to bluntly express his frustration and to “read the riot act” to its government which has failed to do anything regarding curbing violence in tribal areas. Mullen, and the American government are disgusted, frustrated and angry with the apparent inability or unwillingness of the Islamabad government to take decisive action. Mullen believes they are flip flopping and using stall tactics to avoid action. In the meantime, raids continue hitting US and coalition forces from the save haven of Pakistan.

The Pakistan People’s Party under co-chair Asia Al Zardari has failed to decide on a course of action in tribal regions. They have shifted from negotiation to threats to action without any clear idea as to which represents a long term policy. Unless there are changes, American and US troops may resort to covert or overt action in tribal regions which will undoubtedly anger the Pakistan government.