Multculturalism-German Style-Stay Home Turks!

A controversial textbook passage which appears to justify the killing of Turks living in Germany will be deleted from future editions according to the German Embassy in Anakara. Families and students in the German town of Schleswig-holstein, are furious that seventh graders were given a book which apparently explains the reason a German murderer may be have been justified in killing Turks in his country. Markus Buchholz was one of four young men who set afire a house containing a Turkish family and killed some of its inhabitants. According to the passage, “Marcos wanted to teach them a lesson. They should learn that they weren’t wanted here. He just wanted to consternate tham a little so that they would go back to Anatolia…,In any case, their parents are guilty. If they had stayed n Anatolia, nothing would have happened to the two children who died in the fire.”

If the purpose of the author was exploring the mind set of Markus, that might be justified, but it would also entail other views and explanations so a seventh grader could understand the context of the passage. Somehow, we doubt if passages would be published in this manner which explain the thinking of a Turk who murdered Germans.

What next, a passage from Hitler explaining Jews never would have died if only they behaved in the correct manner?