Multicultural Follies

The concept of multiculturalism is ensuring that people of all cultures and religions are respected as humans and their values be recognized as important to their daily lives. A worker in a German supermarket was asked to stock shelves with alcohol bottles and he refused on grounds that his Muslim religion forbade contact with alcohol. Actually, his religion forbids CONSUMING alcohol and there is nothing in the Koran about bottles. The Federal Labor Council of Germany ordered the store to assign another task to the man since he felt dishonored by touching a bottle of wine or whiskey.

The decision has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with religious correctness which only proves silliness by any other name is still silliness. For example:

1. As a Jew can I refuse to touch any clothes made with the skin of a pig?

2. As a New York Yankee fan can I refuse to stock clothes which depict the Boston Red Sox on grounds my religion is the Yankees and the Red Sox are the devil?

3. Can a Christian refuse to handle Kosher food products in a supermarket because they don’t want to associate with the Jewish religion?