Mumbai Protestors Demand Government Action

India is undoubtedly a success story in the history of democracy, but even though there have been many advances in relating government to the needs of people, recent events in Mumbai illustrated the growing gap between Indian leaders and their people when it comes to issues of security. A few weeks ago there were horrific riots in India when Hindu nationalists attacked Christians and destroyed churches and there is little evidence anyone will be punished. Thousands of Mumbai residents gathered in the streets of their city demanding their leaders do more to protect them from extremists and chanting, “we want justice.” The crowds contained young people and the elderly, but all united in feeling, “enough is enough” and they want more than words about peace and security.

The demonstrations were sparked by text messages on the Internet which helped to quickly gather thousands for a protest. People were furious at recent revelations that Indian officials had some warnings concerning the possibility of violence in Mumbai and did not organize for such a possibility.

Indian police continued their operation to find and defuse any explosives left by terrorists. But, the people of Mumbai want more than blaming Pakistan Muslims for the terror which engulfed their city. They want an effective terrorist fighting unit to be established in the armed forces.