Mumbai Terrorist Confused About Mission

Amir Ajmal Kasab, the lone Mumbai terrorist who was captured, revealed to interrogators a confused story about the goals of his mission of death. He claims when originally recruited for a mission, it was the assumption of his group they were going to make an attack in Kashmir, and it was only later on they discovered the mission was to create havoc and death in Mumbai. His group spent over a year in training and it was only at the last stage they learned the real destination of what they were to do. Kasab says he was indoctrinated into a hate-India program which said it was his destiny as a true Muslim to kill the Indians if he wanted to wind up in heaven. According to interrogators, “he did not regret the act and insisted that his actions were not against Islam which is against the killing of innocents.”

M. Kasab apparently finds nothing wrong with his handlers sending him on a suicide mission which entailed killing of innocent women and children. He sees nothing wrong with never discussing with his handlers any form of escape, death was the only alternative and the death was those on the mission, not the death of the handlers.

As an objective outsider, one wonders if people in Muslim societies will be demonstrating in the streets about the death of Indian civilians and children?