Murder Case Of Slain Russian Activist Reopened

During the reign of Vladmir Putin there have been several cases of murder in which those engaged in fighting for human rights wind up mysteriously shot to death. The Federal Security Service (FSS) announced it was reopening the murder to Galina Starovoitova who was killed in 1998. The murder investigation had been suspended in April 2008 but was reopened on August 25 based on some new evidence. Her assistant, Rusian Linkov, had sent an appeal to President Medvedev in July and this might be the reason for renewed interest in solving the murder.

In 2004, Linkov had identified Duma Deputy Mikhail Glushchenko as being linked to the case. Glushchenko was recently arrested on suspicion of being linked to the murder to three Russian citizens in Cyprus. The real question is whether a renewed investigation will result in anyone being convicted since convictions in cases of murdering human rights activists usually results in no decision.