Murder Cop, No More Citizen

A proposed new law in France would strip citizenship of any naturalized person who has been living in France less than ten years who winds up killing a cop. The proposal is in line with President Sarkozy’s effort, in light of falling poll numbers, to come across as the tough new sheriff in town. After all, who is going to fight for the rights of a murderer? On the other hand, perhaps, we might expand on this law into other areas:

1. Why not strip citizenship of any newscaster who murders the English language by expressing cute words that mean absolutely nothing other than, “ain’t I cute?”

2. Why not strip citizenship from members of the Tea Party who apparently misread the US Constitution when it comes to explaining powers of the Executive.

3. How about stripping citizenship from Glenn Beck unless he can draw some lines that lead to a logical conclusion?

4. How about stripping citizenship from Sarah Palin unless she can name states of the Union other than Alaska?

5. We definitely should strip citizenship from Barry Bonds unless he reveals the secret of how as we grow older, we grow stronger.

6. I am for stripping citizenship of the current person masquerading as John McCain unless he reveals the true whereabouts of the real John McCain, you know, the guy who was for protecting rights of illegal immigrants?