Murder In Bahrain

Initial reports from Bahrain indicated that both Sunni and Shiite Muslins were banding together in order to persuade their king to create a modern democratic society. Bahrain contains a majority of people who adhere to Shiite ideas even though the king is a Sunni. His response to demands for greater freedom was to resort to force. Sunni monarchs in Saudi Arabia and other area Sunni nations dispatched troops to aid the Bahrain king and the result if further killings and growing anger toward the entire issue of having a monarch. Last month, most people in Bahrain simply wanted to reform the monarchy, but today there is clear evidence they now want to end the monarchy. Arrival of thousands of soldiers from Saudi Arabia has simply added to strife and death. A doctor in the Shiite village of Shira reports over 200 people were wounded with buckshot and his hospital is over run with those injured by soldiers.

In Libya, Gaddafi is using armed force to impose his will. In Bahrain the monarch is using armed force to impose his will. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned about this policy as being counter productive, but the evidence is killing will go on. The real question is whether this will lead to the growth of terrorism in the country.