Murder In Iraq Is Not Murder, Just Death

The true story of what happened in Iraq to innocent civilians has yet to be revealed. New information concerning behavior of British troops during the early days of the Iraq invasion. Tanik Mahmud was halted at a checkpoint, and what ensued is still controversial. Somehow, he wound up in a helicopter, somehow he wound up badly injured, somehow he wound up dead. The helicopter landed at an American base, a doctor may or may not have examined the body, but Mr. Mahmud was dead. Another Iraqi was halted by British soldiers and somehow while being taken into custody, he wound up in a river and drowned. A UK high court has ruled records about these deaths can be examined, but for some strange reason, the dead bodies were never subject to an autopsy.

The UK Defense Ministry has refused to explain the unusual circumstances of these deaths nor will they allow any outside agency to investigate what happened. Is it any wonder that Iraqis have a few doubts concerning the circumstances of their “liberation.?”