Murder In Kampala By Al-Shabab

Once again, a group which claims to be fighting in the name of Allah boasted that is was responsible for the deaths of 64 people who had gathered to watch a World Cup match at a rugby club. It is always fascinating how those who kill children tout as the explanation some desire of Allah for the innocent to be killed in his name. A large crowd had gathered at a rugby club in Kampala and were having drinks, laughing and enjoying themselves when a suicide bomber from Somalia set off explosives that ripped through the crowd and killed and dismembered people. Sheik Yusuf Sheik, a commander in Al-Shabab in Somalia was delirious with happiness over the murder of innocent people. “Uganda is one of our enemies. Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy. May Allah’s anger be upon those who are against us.” Can’t you just see the sight up in Heaven? Allah gathering the faithful and urging one and all to cheer for the murder of innocent men, women and children!

It is difficult for many to grasp exactly what has the government or the people of Uganda done to disturb the people of Somalia. Let’s assume the government supplied arms and ammunition to the enemies of al-Shabab. OK. Isn’t your goal to kill members of the government? How does a crowd watching the World Cup enter into your equation as to who should be killed? I wonder if those who are so interested in killing for Allah ever consider that Allah might prefer them loving for him.