Murder In Pakistan?

The Pakistan government is involved in a clash with US officials over the case of Raymond Davis who is charged with murdering two Pakistani men. Davis works for the US embassy and was in Lahore on his way to work when he claims two men on motorcycles approached his car and threatened him with pistols so he took out his gun and killed them. So far, the police agree the two men had guns, they agree the guns were loaded with ammunition, but they argue no bullet was in the chamber and ready to fire. Interesting. A man has a gun, it is loaded with ammunition, he points it at another person but there is no bullet yet in the chamber. Is it possible he hoped to rob the person without firing the weapon? Why does one carry a weapon loaded with ammunition if you are not a member of the NRA? We understand that NRA members love walking around with loaded guns, but these men are in Pakistan which does not have an NRA branch.

Davis has been placed in a jail. We hypothesize he will be convicted of some crime and sent home to America to serve his sentence. I assume Davis will become the poster boy of the NRA in the coming year.