Murder In The Open

Elliot Turner is a young man, age 20, who was seeing a beautiful young woman named Emily Longley whose goal was to become a model. However,  Mr. Turner was upset that she did not model the behavior  he desired in a girl friend. For some reason at age 17 she actually thought  it was OK to see “other blokes” rather than devote her entire life to the desires and needs of Mr. Turner.

Elliot told friends of his  desire to douse this girl in gasoline and set her on fire or  get her so drunk  she would choke on vomit. However, he decided to  strangle this sweet young girl and did it in the home of his parents in Dorset, England. His idiot friends helped him cover up the murder but they were so inept that police quickly found out what happened.

After the countless movies and TV programs on how to  murder someone, it should be possible to come up with a better scheme than  strangling someone in the home of your parents?