Murder Incorporated Has Moved To Iraq

As a youngster growing up in the 1930s I was very familiar with an important company that operated out of Brooklyn and was led by a wonderful advocate of free enterprise–Murder Incorporated led by Bugsy Siegel. It is good news for me to learn that Murder Incorporated has moved to Iraq and is now operating on a free enterprise model which allows anyone to purchase the death of someone they do no like. For about $100 at outlaw workshops, gunmen can get what’s become the tool of choice in Baghdad these days: silencers for pistols and automatic weapons. During the past two weeks there have been at least twelve people killed as a result of gang murders. The attacks often focus on security officials and government workers and even includes roadside bombings and explosives attached to vehicles. At least Bugsy looked the victim straight in the eye and shot him, he would never have resorted to such ideas as roadside bombings–Bugsy had ethical standards on how to kill a person.

The good news is that security has improved and now killers have to be more focused on stealth rather than openly killing people. They must be well organized in order to get their victims. Last week, gunmen killed a Lt. Colonel and a general by ambushing them. We Americans brought free enterprise to Iraq and now its people must endue still another of our democratic gifts.