Murder Life Givers

These men are members of the Muslim religion and they oppose any form of modern medicine which is allegedly a weapon by those who hate their  religion. Ironically, for hundreds of years, the Muslim world was the center of “modern medicine” and spread its knowledge throughout Europe. Fast forward a few hundred years and those claiming to be linked to the “Muslim world” now engage in horrible acts of death to those who seek to save  lives. A few days ago, nine nurses who were vaccinating children to prevent polio were brutally murdered by  members  of Boko Haram–“Western Education is Sacrilege.” The murderers boasted they had saved Muslims from the possibility of being infected by Western devils.

Yesterday, they murdered three Korean doctors who  spent their days saving the lives of poor Muslims. The throats of two were slit and the third was beheaded. The question remains: Exactly which religion claims these thugs as members?