Murder Of Care Takers

Among the most bizarre aspects of the war in Afghanistan is the process by which supposedly normal humans behave in ways that define any definition of normality. Medical personnel have been coming to Afghanistan for years with the sole purpose of caring for the sick helpless. Certainly, by any standard of human decency those who handle the medical needs of civilians, including children,would be exempt from the regular process of murder that is common among many in government forces. OK, their job is to defend the government, but numerous of these individuals are, in reality, Taliban agents. A group of doctors, including two whose main work is with children were aiding the young ones when a member of the Afghan Security forces opened up and killed three doctors. Oh, he eventually was overcome while still shouting his love of God.

It is incomprehensible that ANY religion would sanction murder of those who devote their lives to saving young children. But, this deranged nut case fervently believes some higher force seeks the death of children. I simply do not understand how people can think in this manner. God called upon me to kill someone who was saving the lives of children????