Murder Of Innocent Roma Family

The persecution of Roma families in eastern Europe continues only yesterday it resulted in the death of six people rather than the ordinary beatings and insults. A gunmen shot dead six members of a Roma family6 and another woman in the Slovak capital of Bratislava. After killing the Roma group, he continued firing on the police and wounded fourteen before he killed himself. Police estimate he had a submachine gun and two handguns which he used in his murderous spree. He just walked into an apartment, and began firing at people he undoubtedly hated. Most nations in eastern Europe where the vast majority of Roma are found have political groups who boast of their desire to rid their nation of the Roma and send them back to wherever they came from, of course, it is unclear if there is such a place.

Men like this lunatic will continually arise to murder Roma until governments and schools institute programs that assist youth and adults to learn about the lives of the Roma. But, education is only step one, step two means active job programs that enable Roma to rise from poverty.