Murder Trial In France A Farce

Ilian Haimi, age 23, was kidnapped by a gang of thugs who tortured and beat him while demanding ransom from his family. Haimi was not a wealthy man, simply a mobile phone salesman but to the Muslim gang which seized the young man, he was Jewish which naturally meant he was wealthy or, at least, other Jews would chip in to get his freedom. Twenty seven men are on trial for this vicious crime and the court scene at points resembled a bad play. The gang leader, Youssouf Fofana told the court he had friends who were present and taking pictures of everyone including the jury and even boasted he had the means to put a price on the head of anyone and get them killed.

The judge allowed this tirade to go unchecked and refused to silence a defendant who was threatening the entire judicial process. Finally, the family of the dead man and their lawyers left the court in disgust. Fofana admits being the mastermind behind the kidnapping but denies murdering anyone. What price justice in the French court system?