Murderer Obtains Get-Out-Of-Jail

Shawn Tyson of Sarasota, Florida was arrested as a suspect in the murder of two visiting British tourists. Shawn is a troubled sixteen year old boy who has been in constant fights with the police, has dropped out of school, and according to a Florida judge, he is “a danger to the community.” So, what happens? For some reason, detectives working on the case never appeared for the hearing which meant that Judge Lee Haworth did not know the boy had previously been arrested and then freed from jail before he participated in the murder of the two UK citizens At this point, the police have no idea how or why James Cooper and James Kouzaris wound up in a neighborhood that was plagued by crime and murder. Why would these strangers wind up in a gang infested area at 3:00 a.m.? Did they take the wrong route to a hotel or were they earlier in the evening robbed and forced to go to this area?

The Brits wound up where they never should have been. However, Tyson has a track record of crime and violence and he also should never have wound up where he could be confronting two strangers. The TV show, “Law and Order” portrays hard working intelligent police officers. We prefer believing that in the real world detectives range from incompetent to excellent. Sometimes in life, a step in the wrong direction can get you killed.