Murders In Mosque

I admit to not being a Muslim, I admit that Christianity and Judaism have a history in which innocent people are murdered, but we are not in the middle ages, but in the 21st century. Members of the Taliban or al-Qaeda or whoever, continue to set off bombs in  mosques while people are praying and they shout about serving Allah or whoever. Ghudi is a village in the Khyber tribal region and over 300 were gathered for Friday prayers in the mosque. Someone set off bombs that killed 40 people and wounded at least 85. I assume the perpetrator of this incident is a Muslim.

Saleem Khan was in the mosque and fell to the ground when the explosions ripped through the building.  After, while in a hospital bed, he said: “Whoever did it in the holy monty of Ramadan cannot be a Muslim.” Sorry, Saleem, the person who did this could ONLY be a Muslim. And, it makes not difference if it is Ramadan or any month in the year, killing people who are praying violates ALL religions!