Murdoch A Liar Says Brown!

Rupert Murdoch is an important man. Rupert Murdoch controls newspapers and TV stations and just about any form of media. He is a man accustomed to having others listen to what he says and never, under any conditions, contradict what he says. Former UK Prime Minister was also an important man. He was also someone who did not like to  get the great Murdoch angry, but the UK leader finally had enough and told a parliamentary committee that all knowing all powerful Rupert Murdoch was a liar.

Brown strongly denied ever making the following comment to Rupert Murdoch while speaking  on the phone. Murdoch insists Brown was furious with him for  switching support from  the Labor Party to the Conservative party. He claims Brown vowed to “make war on your company.” Gordon Brown told the parliamentery committee “this call did not happen.” He insists Murdoch is a liar.

Two versions of what happened. Two views of words spoken. We know which version will be reported by Fox News. We believe the version NOT printed is the correct view of what was said.