Murdoch Folk Feel Sorry??

There are those who work for Rupert Murdoch and thus enjoy certain rights not allowed to ordinary folk of the media. His one time protege, Rebekah Brooks is on trial for a variety of actions ranging from supporting phone hacking to paying off members of the government for their assistance to her newspapers. She is charged by the government for giving illegal payments to government officials. She was asked by HER lawyer if this charge was valid? “Yes, since I was deputy editor of the Sun and on a handful of occasions” such payments were made. Earlier she had argued, “there had been an overwhelming public interest to justify payment “but only in a very narrow circumstances.” Let me get this clear; if there is “public interest” in something then a newspaper has the right to do whatever it desires to get the story.

OH, Rebekah did admit to being sorry for the publication of certain stories which she now admits were “cruel and harsh.” For example, after Labor Minister Clare Short complained about pictures of topless models, Rebekah had a picture found of a bare breasted Ms. Shorty with the caption noting that Ms. Short was jealous of the models.

To work for Rupert Murdoch is to enjoy rights denied to ordinary members of the media. Just remember, to always say that you are “sorry.”